About Us

Since the founding of Arrowhead Contracting, Inc., client satisfaction has remained the cornerstone and foremost priority of our organization. This philosophy has resulted in a legacy of successfully completed projects and long-lasting relationships with both valued clients and industry partners.

Accordingly, we feel the true measure of our success is the external response and repeat business we receive from our customers. Since our founding, Arrowhead has delivered high levels of quality and value to our customers that have resulted in 85% of our business being generated directly from satisfied clients and repeat business. 

Arrowhead offers a diversified professional and craft labor workforce and extensive experience utilizing direct hire practices and/or assenting to local labor agreements. The company maintains DCAA-Compliant accounting systems, providing the ability to perform firm-fixed price or cost-reimbursable Federal contracts. Arrowhead has the necessary resources to execute projects ranging from straightforward, short-duration engineering and construction efforts to large, complex, multi-year ID/IQ programs to include facility demolition, new construction and operation & maintenance. Our multidisciplinary staff includes engineers and construction professionals, supported by experts in industrial hygiene, construction safety, quality control, health physics and contract management.