Crossley Farms Superfund Site, Groundwater Treatment Plant

Barto, Pennsylvania

Arrowhead was selected for the design-build construction of a new groundwater treatment plant located approximately 45 miles Northeast of Philadelphia. Construction of the plant was funded by the U.S. EPA Region III to treat heavily-contaminated groundwater at the Crossley Farms National Priorities List Superfund Site. The project location was a former unregulated chemical dumping site located in a rurally populated area.

Several elements of construction such as building foundations and pipeline trenching were commenced prior to final design documents to expedite the schedule. The most prominent features of the project included the installation of five groundwater extraction wells, trenching and installation over 15K linear feet of multiple diameter HDPE piping runs, and construction of the groundwater treatment plant which was housed in a 140ft x 75ft pre-engineered metal building. The geography of the project site was extremely hilly, with many severe elevation changes. Site preparation activities for this facility required a combination of importing and moving 10,000 CY of material, in order to bring the location to the proper grade. The site also required a full complement new utilities.

The plant received contaminated groundwater from five, 150 feet deep extraction wells, located approximately one mile from the plant. Following rigorous treatment in the plant using a variety of technologies (air strippers, granular activated carbon, bag filters), the water was discharged via pipeline through two outfall systems. Discharge Area 1 consists of a subsurface infiltration gallery and surface discharge to a small creek tributary. Discharge Area 2 utilized a 3-acre wetland and detention pond that over flows into an adjacent creek. Because expansion of the system may be required during subsequent phases of the remediation effort, accommodations were made at the discharge/infiltration areas to accommodate additional injection wells.