Homeland Security

As the United States focuses attention and resources towards securing its citizens, facilities and infrastructure, Arrowhead has provided the services necessary for many federal DoD clients to achieve these important goals.

Nearly all security enhancements are highly intrusive to the existing facility or workplace and its occupants. Accordingly, this type of work requires a keen understanding of high security environments, logistics/work sequencing, stakeholder coordination and the “ad-hoc” ability to respond to unforeseen design/install occurrences.

Arrowhead stands ready to provide the experience and insight necessary to manage the most challenging Homeland Security upgrades to our nation’s federal and commercial infrastructure. Arrowhead has a proven track record of successfully working with specialty A&E design teams, product manufacturers and the dedicated DoD Centers of Excellence. Areas of expertise include:

  • CBR Filter Design, Construction and Installation
  • C4I System Installation
  • Mass Communication Systems
  • Structural Hardening
  • Kevlar Wall Panel Installation
  • Fragmentation Film Installation
  • Level-5 Bullet-Resistant Window Systems
  • Radiation Portal Monitors
  • CCTV Cabling, Cameras, Monitors and Multiplexing Systems
  • Perimeter Fence Installation and Upgrades
  • Concrete Bollards and Walls
  • Traffic Calming Improvements
  • Prescriptive Landscape Modifications/Hardscaping