Lawrence Aviation Industries Superfund Site

Port Jefferson Station, New York

Arrowhead was selected to implement a $5.9M remedial action at the Lawrence Aviation Industries (LAI) Superfund Site, located in Port Jefferson Station, New York. The site encompasses 126 acres and consists of the LAI facility and the LAI Outlaying Parcels. Historic disposal practices at the LAI facility resulted in in a variety of contaminant releases including TCE, PCE, PCB’s acid wastes, oils, sludge, metals, and plant wastes. Arrowhead served as the design-build construction subcontractor for the design, construction and operation & maintenance of a groundwater treatment system (GWTS) and an in-situ chemical oxidation system. The primary objectives of the remedial action were: 1) to maintain hydraulic plume control of the source area by extracting and treating contaminated groundwater; 2) remediating the source area with the highest TCE concentrations through source removal excavation in concert with in-situ chemical oxidation into the groundwater plume to reduce contaminant mass.

Field activities associated with the GWTS included construction of access roads and security fencing; drilling and installation of the two extraction and five effluent injection wells; installation of 2,600 LF of influent and effluent yard piping; erection of a 1500 SF pre-engineered metals building; installation and hookup of process equipment; and instrumentation, controls, and field startup. Process equipment included a low-profile air stripper (1,300 scfm, 200 gpm), bag filter complex, and vapor-phase granular activated carbon (GAC). The treatment system is operated by a SCADA system that permits remote operations monitoring and adjustments.